From the Back Cover

St. Paul’s epistle to the Galatians offers a fascinating window into the life of the Christian church in its earliest days. We see in this letter a pastor guiding his people through questions of salvation, theology, and ethics. The more we read, the more we realize that many of the same questions facing the Galatian Christians continue to face us today: Are we still under the Old Testament Law? What happened to the Law when Jesus came? Who are the people of God? From Law to Logos: Reading St. Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians is a primer for reading Galatians for all it is worth.

Group Study Guide

Click here to download the PDF. Studying Scripture as a community is one of the best ways to grow spiritually. I am convinced that the best way to read Galatians alongside my book is to do so in a group setting. Below you will find a proposed plan for using From Law to Logos in your Small Group or Sunday School class, as well as a link to the free group study guide that includes a lesson plan and discussion questions for each week. You may need to adapt the schedule and contents to meet your own needs, but I hope you find this guide helpful.


“As a pastor I am constantly on the lookout for biblical commentary that is both accessible and  theologically sound. This slim volume on Galatians is just that. With deft skill, Jordan cuts right to the heart of St. Paul’s message without sacrificing one ounce of integrity. If you’re looking for a commentary that will illumine, entertain, and steer miles clear of the tedium that bogs down much biblical scholarship—look no further.” The Rev. Ryan Casey Waller