“As a pastor I am constantly on the lookout for biblical commentary that is both accessible and  theologically sound. This slim volume on Galatians is just that. With deft skill, Jordan cuts right to the heart of St. Paul’s message without sacrificing one ounce of integrity. If you’re looking for a commentary that will illumine, entertain, and steer miles clear of the tedium that bogs down much biblical scholarship—look no further.”

The Rev. Ryan Casey Waller
Author of Broken (Forward Movement: 2017)
Church of the Incarnation, Assistant Rector 

“In a day when interest in and knowledge of Scripture are not as great as one might wish, Jordan’s slender, sympathetic study serves as a welcomed entrée to Galatians. What is more, his invitation to read the letter again and again and to be open to the transformative power of the gospel declared therein is as refreshing as it is timely.”
Todd D. Still, PhD
Dean, George W. Truett Theological Seminary

“In our time of so many who are educated, interested, and Biblically illiterate, the gift of catechist may prove the most important, and Jon Jordan has it. He explains how to read an epistle, what Galatians’ connections to the Old Testament are, how the argument goes, and only then what it says to our lives. I commend this book as an introduction to Paul’s letter, and to the heart of our faith, highly.”

Rt. Rev. George Sumner, PhD
Episcopal Bishop of Dallas

“Jordan’s From Law to Logos is a gift to read. It offers an intelligent and contemplative re-reading of Galatians beneficial for theologian and novice alike. The reader will discover through Jordan’s study of the text the gift of Christian identity as life spent in grateful self-gift in a cosmos infused with the faithfulness of Christ.”

Timothy P. O’Malley, PhD
Director, Notre Dame Center for Liturgy